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At ZYTO, our mission is to improve the quality of life of the individuals we serve. We strive to empower personal wellness through our innovative technologies, as well as education to improve the application of our technology with a focus on holistic health.

Our dedication to wellness extends to our employees and is a vital part of our company culture and values. We seek to support employees and enhance company culture through 5 core values: wellness, connection, integrity, and being genuine & responsible.


ZYTO is committed to fostering a workplace that creates happier and healthier employees and regularly implements creative programs designed to further the health and wellness of our employees.

To support wellness, we reward employees with prize drawings for participating in outdoor activities each month. We also recently introduced our Epic Challenge which many employees have responded to by doing amazing things like hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, running marathons, and biking several miles through Utah.

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ZYTO believes that wellness and connection go hand-in-hand. We support both connection and wellness by putting together company camping activities and barbecues, as well as doing activities like river floats and pickleball.

To support connection in the office, we strive to create an open and inclusive environment where each employee is valued. We believe that close connections and open communication are keys to our success as a company.


ZYTO strongly believes in being honest and transparent with our customers, employees, and business partners. We respect those who we connect with and take pride in helping people achieve their goals. We are committed to keeping our promises and honoring customer relationships.

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At ZYTO, we feel that we have a responsibility to help our employees and customers live their happiest and healthiest lives. We strive to do this through our technology as well as through our personal relationships. Additionally, we cultivate responsibility by encouraging employees to take ownership while trusting in their knowledge and expertise to do outstanding work.


Lastly, ZYTO strives to represent itself in a genuine way. We really do care about our customers, our employees, and others. That’s why we have a goal to positively impact 1 billion people with our technology. We want the world to be a happier, healthier place, and we invite you to join us on this amazing journey.

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who we employ

ZYTO employs amazing individuals that strive to make the world a healthier place. Pioneering health and wellness solutions requires both innovative thought and hard work—ultimately allowing employees to accomplish things that have not been done before. In other words, ZYTO attracts the best and brightest employees and empowers them to change the world.

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At ZYTO, the overall well-being of our employees is primary. That’s why we’ve created a benefits package that meets your needs and the needs of your family.

This benefits package includes:

• Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans that ensure you’re covered nationwide.

• A matching 401k after 90 days of employment.

• Available life insurance to all eligible employees along with supplemental insurance to those who are eligible.

• 10 paid holidays in addition to a competitive paid time off (PTO) plan.

• Access to ZYTO wellness technology.

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