Do Flower Essence Remedies Really Work?


John had a long history of methamphetamine use. In addition, he had taken Ritalin all his life for hyperactivity. John had rationalized that the methamphetamine helped him focus on tasks that needed to be done.


With the help of a naturopath, John was able to address the underlying cause of his addiction and his hyperactivity through a protocol and the use of recommended flower essences. After a couple of months, John was drug-free, Ritalin-free, and alcohol-free.1


Stories like John’s are common with practitioners who combine treatment with flower essences to address emotional health and, as a result, greatly impact overall personal wellness. And these essences are not only used for addiction, but for a wide range of emotional issues.


What are flower essences?


Flower essences are liquid extracts from the flowers of plants. A brandy and water solution is added to the extracts to preserve them. Extracts may be single-flower extracts or combinations made to address specific emotional and physical components of wellness.


The most well-known flower essences are Bach flower remedies (BFRs), which were developed by the English homeopath Edward Bach. Another well-known type is the Bush Flower Essences developed by Australian naturopath Ian White.


Flower essences and personal wellness


Though many attribute the effects of flower remedies to the placebo effect, there are plenty of well-documented accounts of them being responsible for healing deep emotional and even physical issues. Studies from the Flower Essence Society highlight several cases in which extracts helped people deal with various issues, including:


  • Pregnancy difficulties
  • Relationship problems
  • Addictions
  • Neurological impairments
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Poor performance
  • Feeling “stuck”2

Along with helping humans with these and other issues, flower essences have also been found to be useful with pets.


Scientific research studies


dark-haired woman lying on an examination table and undergoing electroencephalography while her doctor examines results


In addition to case studies, proponents of flower essence remedies point to two specific scientific studies in proving their effectiveness.


The first study was conducted by Jeffrey R. Cram, PhD. Dr. Cram was asked to investigate whether the Bach Five Flower Formula (Rescue Remedy) could reduce the stress response in subjects. This particular formula was developed for the treatment of physical trauma and crisis situations. In testing 24 subjects by measuring muscle activity, Dr. Cram found that those who used the remedy indeed had a reduced level of stress reaction.3


The second study investigated the effects of the Bach Five Flower Formula and the Yarrow Special Formula on intense fluorescent light. Looking at muscular activity (EMG) and brain-wave activity (EEG) of the subjects revealed that these essences also reduced stress and shielded against the adverse effects of strong environmental stimulation.4


Flower essences and perception reframing


Due to their ability to support personal wellness through the emotions, flower essences are included as a scan option in our perception reframing software. A scan of digital signatures representing various flower essences in ZYTO software takes the guesswork out of choosing remedies for your specific situation.


Similar to flower essence remedies, perception reframing also supports emotional health and can influence physical health as well. Combined with a flower essences scan, perception reframing becomes an even more potent way to remove limiting thoughts that are holding you back so you can overcome any number of emotional issues.




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