The Best Way to Set Goals for Amazing Results


Would you like to know how you can multiply your results in your personal life or with your company this year by over 10 times what you got last year? Your reaction to this may be something like, “Yeah, right.” Ten times. That’s crazy.” The truth is it’s really possible. I see it all the time. I see it in the people that I work with, I see it with my clients, I see it with colleagues, and I’ve seen it in my own results this past year. I think deep down inside, we all know that it’s possible.


So what’s the secret to getting amazing results? It’s all about setting the right kind of goals.  I want you to set the kind that will help you to actually achieve the results you want. When I teach clients about goals, I talk about A-type, B-type, and C-Type goals. Let’s take a closer look at each type and which one is the best way to set goals.


A-Type Goals


The first type of goal is the A-type goal. This is the goal that’s within your paradigm. Your paradigm is your perception on life, and you have created your paradigm through thought habits you have established throughout your life. And it’s hard to get out of that thinking, because you’ve just been always thinking that way for so long. A lot of your paradigm you inherited and a lot is the result of your environment. An A-type goal is the goal that you’ve done before. It is something that you’re comfortable with. You already know how to do it. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of a goal, which is growth.


B-Type Goals


When you graduate from an A-type goal, you may step out and set a B-type goal. The B-type goal is the goal that you think that you can do that’s outside of your paradigm. So you look at your resources and you say, “Okay, I have a laptop. I’ve got some speakers. I can probably do this little DJ thing.” Or whatever you want to create, right? It’s based on logic. It’s the goal that you think that you can do, because you can see the resources around it. But what is the problem with this type of goal? The problem is that it’s based on logic, and not heart. This type of goal will not really inspire you.


C-Type Goals


dream big - head in the stars concept


If you want to set a real goal that’s going to have real power for you, it’s going to have to come from within. That’s the only way that you’re going to draw the most out of you, and that’s the real purpose of a goal. So, I encourage you to set this type of goal—a C-type goal—where you have no idea how you’re going to do it. You just know that you’re going to do it. You’ll need to exercise your imagination.


So you go out there and just imagine a certain thing, and you say, “Okay, that’s what I really want.” You don’t measure and ask, “Do I have the resources? Is that logical?” You just say, “That’s what I really want.” And I’m talking individual and corporate goals. You say, “This is what we want to do as a company.” Or “This is what I want to do as an individual.” And you don’t need to know how. You just need to be able to answer these two questions:


  1. Am I able?
  2. Am I willing?


First, are you able? Science and religion would both agree that we have not found a limit to our potential as humans. We have enormous potential. Limitless potential. So are you able? The answer is yes. If you can dream it, you are capable. You are physically capable of doing it.


Then it comes down to the next question. Am I willing? Are you willing to make the sacrifices? Are you willing to change the way that you think? Are you willing to cross the scary area involved in order to get there? Are you willing to go out into the unknown to do that? So those are the questions you need to ask yourself.


Overcoming the “terror barrier”


arrow breaking through barrier and hitting target


Now, what do you think your biggest obstacle is going to be as you set out to accomplish this huge goal? Fear is huge. That’s why I call the area from your paradigm to this goal the “terror barrier.” It’s that wall of the unknown outside of your paradigm. A and B goals are nice, but they aren’t going to be motivating enough for you to cross that unknown barrier. The only goal that will give you enough power is the one that comes from within. What is it that you feel like you were born to do? What’s your thing? When you find that, you’ll find that you’re willing to sacrifice to get there.


And you might say, “Well, I don’t know how.” People stop before setting the C-type goal because they don’t know how. They don’t know how they’re going to do it. But the thing I want to emphasize is that you don’t need to know how. The how will come in the process. You just need to decide that you’re going to do it. And you need to make a decision. Decision is so important. When you set a goal, you need to make that firm, irrevocable decision. You don’t say, “Well, I’ll wait. Let’s see what it looks like when we get there. Let’s see what circumstances I’m in at that point.” You make a decision, and then you create the circumstances.


There is great power in using your imagination to find that goal that comes from within. And Like Henry David Thoreau said, “if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”




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