4 Tools to Improve Remote ZYTO Scanning

ZYTO scan Remote hand cradle

With ZYTO Remote, you have the ability to connect online with your clients and can run a ZYTO scan as if they were sitting right across from you in your office. However, you’ll still need to find a way to communicate with your client during the session and to better engage your client in the experience.


Indeed, with many of these technologies, it really is almost as if the client is sitting right across from you. With the rapidly growing popularity and efficacy of telehealth technologies, consider offering remote ZYTO scanning with these extra features so that you can see and help more clients no matter where they are located.


High-speed Internet connection

First, you’ll want to make sure that your Internet service provides enough bandwidth to easily use ZYTO Remote and any other online technologies that will help you better connect with your clients.


ZYTO recommends using, at minimum, a DSL or Cable modem. But again, you’ll want to verify the quality of Internet speeds you are getting from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Minimum Internet speeds may not be enough to run both ZYTO Remote and some of the other features discussed below (such as the online video or screen-sharing software, both of which will also be using bandwidth in addition to ZYTO Remote).


Want to make sure you are getting the speeds you are paying for? Find out by running a free online network performance tester, (such as SpeedTest). Ideally the results will show a low ping number—less than 10ms is good—along with high download and upload speeds. If you seem to have low connection speeds, consider changing your ISP or upgrading your service to a higher Internet package.


Phone or Instant Messaging Software

Two of the most obvious solutions for communicating with your clients are either connecting over the telephone (speaker phone options or even a headset work great as they allow you to work hands free) or by using a wide variety of free instant messaging software, such as WhatsApp messenger or Pidgin. Both you and your client will need to download and use the same instant messaging software.


If you don’t want to use your own telephone, consider downloading and using a free online phone service, such as Skype, which can be used as either a phone or instant messaging software.


Screen-sharing software

Many practitioners have reported increased engagement from clients in their office by actually showing them what the ZYTO software is doing during a scan. While telehealth clients cannot physically view your actual computer screen, you can share the on-screen images using screen-sharing software.


Screen-sharing software, such as GoToMeeting and JoinMe, allows you to make portions of your screen (or even the entire screen) visible to your clients on their computer screen. Simply download the free software and follow the instructions to link up with your clients so they can see the ZYTO software as you scan.


Video software

virtual clinic practitioner and client video chat

The last 15 years has seen many major technology and software companies get into the online video business. This increased competition has created a range of high-quality video software that you can use to both see and communicate with your clients during a ZYTO Remote scan. Additionally, as the technology has improved, more and more computer systems, especially laptops, come prebuilt with video sharing technology, meaning that you won’t have to purchase an additional webcam and worry about installation.


Some of the most popular online video tools include Skype, which can be easily downloaded online and integrated with your computer’s camera hardware. For Mac or iPhone users, the built-in FaceTime capabilities make it even easier: simply input your client’s phone number (if they have either an iPhone or a MacBook) into the pre-installed FaceTime app. If you have an Android phone, you can explore some additional alternatives to FaceTime here.


Regardless of the software you use along with remote ZYTO scanning, establishing a video connection with your client helps them feel more involved and connected during the scanning process.




Dr. Vaughn Cook ZYTOAbout Dr. Vaughn Cook
Dr. Vaughn R Cook is the Founder & CEO of ZYTO. An Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD) and licensed acupuncturist, he has worked in the complementary and alternative medical field for more than 30 years, specializing in applications that integrate Western and Eastern medicine.



The information provided in this article is intended to improve, not replace, the direct relationship between the client (or site visitor) and healthcare professionals.

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