Enhanced Automated Scans for Select and Elite Customers

ZYTO is thrilled to announce the addition of new and improved Basic and Advanced scans for our Select and Elite customers. These scans have been specifically designed to make the scanning process more efficient and help you get the most out the data collected from each scan. More specifically, these improvements will help you:

  • Narrow down product lines to scan for
  • Scan only products in your region
  • Scan more efficiently with new breakpoint features
  • Gather more data with new categories
  • See correlations with Vector Reports
  • Get granular with additional new reports


*To access these new scans, expand the gray “ZYTO Biosurveys – All New” bar under the Biosurveys tab in the Select or Elite software. The old Basic and Advanced scans are still available to you under the “ZYTO Biosurveys – Legacy” tab.

Take Advanced and Basic Scans to the next level…


Narrow down product lines

By running a Product Collections Scan before a Basic or Advanced Scan, you can find the most biologically coherent product company libraries to scan for. The collections you select from this scan will be pre-selected to narrow selections down to the most relevant product lines.

Scan your region only

If you use a product line with multiple regions, now you can scan only those products specific to your region. Region can be selected in the main menu by clicking on Libraries > Library Manager and selecting a region from the drop-down under the Product Regions tab.

Scan more efficiently

Many categories and individual items are now pre-selected throughout the breakpoints to help you reduce time and scan more effectively. And when you select a category in a breakpoint, other items in that category will be automatically highlighted.

Choose new categories

The emotions category has been expanded, and several new general balancer Virtual Item categories are now available to scan for including essential oils, cell salts, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

Easily see patterns

The new Organs, Vertebrae, Teeth, TCM, and Emotions Vector Reports display biomarkers and their associated vectors, making it easier to see relationships and correlations in the data.

Get granular with reports

Other new reports provide more in-depth data. Along with the Vectors Reports and expanded Emotions Report, the following new reports have been added:

  • Probiotic Report
  • General Balancers Report
  • All Balancers by Category
  • Top 50 & 0 dR Secondary Stressors
  • All Stressors by Category

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